A 2-part fluid epoxy resin designed for the repair and creation of positive grip systems on metallic surfaces of machinery and equipment and walking areas. This solvent-free material is ideal where slip reduction, chemical, and wear resistance are required.

The coating is used in conjunction with Belzona aggregates to create a positive drive and reduce slippage. Belzona 1821 (Fluid Metal) is easy to mix and can be applied manually without the need for specialist tools. It will cure at room temperature, eliminating the need for hot work.

  • Application and cure at room temperature – no hot work involved
  • Outstanding adhesion to metallic surfaces including aluminum
  • Excellent wear and chemical resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Reduces potential for accidents
  • Hard-wearing grip aggregate that does not peel or wear away like adhesive strips
  • Solvent-free and low odor allowing work to be carried out on-site in public areas
  • The surface does not polish
  • Can be used in conjunction with the aggregates Belzona Supergrip and Superfoot

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